Attention all Philadelphia Artists –

Roc Nation and Made in America Festival invite you to submit an art concept for the opportunity to design and paint a letter in the CAUSE VILLAGE Sign to be displayed at Made in America 2019.

For full Terms of Submission visit here.
For a rendering of the CAUSE VILLAGE sign see here.

CAUSE VILLAGE is the festival’s philanthropic footprint and hub for social action. Over 60 charitable and activist organizations representing all causes including education, social welfare, voter registration, animal welfare, hunger, homelessness, arts and culture, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, social justice and civil rights, to name a few, have participated since the festival’s inception in 2012. Annually an average of over 15,000 social actions are taken over the two-day festival.

Applicant Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older (Parents of minors may apply on the minor’s behalf).
  • Legal resident of Philadelphia, PA.
  • Must be available to execute the art concept in person in Philadelphia on a date in May 2019.
  • One submission per applicant.
  • Must submit all materials on by March 24, 2019.

Art Concept Requirements:

  • Must be transferable to a structure roughly 10’ h x 10’ w.
  • Must be able to be executed by the submitting artist.
  • Must be able to withstand the elements, such as rain, wind, and direct sunlight.
  • Must be transferable to one of the following letters: A, C, E, G, L, S, U, V. (Letters will be assigned at random.)

Must be inspired by one of the following causes:

Addiction and Substance Abuse
Affordable Housing
Animal Protection, Welfare, and Services
Arts & Culture
Community Development
Climate Change
Conservation and Environment
Criminal Justice Reform
Disease Research
Disaster Response and Emergency Relief
People with Disabilities
Foster Care
Economic Development
Financial Literacy
Human and Civil Rights
Housing and Homelessness
Medical Assistance
Mental Health and Crisis Services
Public Health & Safety
Recreation and Sports
Senior & Elder Services
Social Justice
Violence Prevention
Voter Rights & Registration
Workforce Development
Youth Development

* A budget for materials may be allocated to artists selected on an as-needed basis.

Submit Application

Submit the form below for the opportunity to design a cause village sign letter.